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FlavorID® consolidates data from third-party apps and makes highly accurate science based dietary recommendations — making it simpler than ever to discover delicious food that fit your lifestyle.

flavor is the new black

84% of consumers say that flavor is the single most important factor when it comes to purchase a product or not. Flavor drives consumers food choices.

complexity of flavor

When you like a food, what you actually like is the combination of aroma, taste, texture, appearance and sound. The perception of flavor is the most multisensory and one of the most complex of our everyday experiences.

hyper personalization

Everybody’s food preferences vary and are shaped by the unique combination of three interacting factors: the environment, prior experience, and genes. The ultimate flavor experience can only be one that’s hyper personalized.

The current available recommenders fail due to their inability of understanding and capturing flavor preferences. This is where Foodpairing® comes in.

Powered by Foodpairing®

Since 2009 Foodpairing® has been building flavor know-how and came to understand and master the complexity by digitizing flavor and developed the world's largest flavor database. This core technology is the foundation of FlavorID® and in combination with consumer behavioral data we build the most accurate recommenders in the industry, high in both serendipity and accuracy.

Consumers care about flavor, bring the consumer to the heart of your product offering.

FlavorID® is brought to the consumer by 3rd party applications. Ranging from smart kitchen appliances, e-grocery services, restaurant search, mHealth apps and many more. It helps to remove food choice stress through highly accurate science based personal dietary recommendations.

A FlavorID® is based on over 8.000 different aromas and taste molecules, more than 600 descriptors and your dietary needs. This enables granular profiling to create a FlavorID® that is a unique identifier that serves as a solid basis for recommendation in the new era of a digital food value chain.

FlavorID® seeks both founding and application partners that want to leverage flavor know-how into their products and services, with the ultimate and combined objective to build seamless and hyper personalized consumer food experiences.

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